love of training dogs started as an 11 years old boy with a Doberman named Grunt and we were welcomed by the members of Richmond Schutzhund Club.  I currently train at Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club in Langley, British Columbia Canada with my German Shepherd, Nas vom Wolfsdreieck. 


I started helper work when I was twelve.  I have been able to do trial work at club trials, regional and national competitions.  Doing helper work is still a passion and love of mine.  One of my goals was to breed and handle a dog to the WUSV.  I was able to do this with Alvis vom Albi (ada Spike).  My breedings have produced four dogs that have competed at the WUSV.  As a handler, I have competed multiple times at club, regional, national and world competitions.  Looking forward to the future as a trainer, helper and juge.  Wishing luck to all!