Dave Grant started working with dogs in the field of retriever training. This interest turned into a passion for working dogs. He was a member of the Saskatoon Police Service K-9 unit for ten years and developed their in-house training program. He became an expert witness in the use of police service dogs during his canine career by testifying in court on quite a number of occasions.


He became interested in Schutzhund in 1988 during a court case that involved expert testimony from a long time member of the GSSCC. He has been a member of the GSSCC since 1988, earning his judging license in 1998 and has competed and judged at numerous local, regional and Canadian Championship trials.


Dave was a 28 years veteran of the Saskatoon Police Service and retired in 2012 as the Staff Sergeant in charge of Investigations. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife Susan and son Wyatt.