Lance Collins Schutzhund resume


Lance Collins has been actively involved in the dog sport exclusively as a hobby since 1980. An active competitor, Lance qualified for the WUSV World Championships eight times with four different dogs, all self trained and titled. His highest placing at the WUSV Worlds was 4th place with a dog he bred, raised and trained.

Lance’s training success is not limited to just his own dogs. Lance spends most of his spare time training and teaching others. His training has resulted in 8 different handlers from his club qualifying for the WUSV World Championships for an amazing total of 26 times, and resulting in a number of top 10 places. In addition, over the past 20 years the Canadian Champion has come from Lance’s club a third of the time, for a total of 7 Canadian Champions.


Recognized as an innovative and systematic trainer and teacher who utilizes proven learning principles, he has conducted many seminars in Germany, USA, Australia and Canada.

Helper work has been a big part of the dog sport for Lance and he has been active as a training, trial and teaching helper. He was selected to do the helper work at the Canadian SchH3 Championship four times.

Lance began judging in Canada in 1990. He judged protection at the 2009 WUSV World Championships, and tracking at the 2000 WUSV World Championships. He has judged other major events such as the North American, the Canadian and the Australian Championships.

Lance started breeding German Shepherd dogs in 1985 under the kennel name of Haus Bergblick. Dogs from his breeding have placed in the top ten at the WUSV World Championships.